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A cheeky school boy tricked his dad into buying a puppy by impersonating his mum in WhatsApp messages. Noah Ley, nine, was so desperate to welcome a new dog into the family that he nabbed his mum’s phone while she was doing housework and carried on the conversation with his oblivious dad.

Noah effortlessly convinced Kevyn, 43, that he was continuing the chat with his wife by peppering pet names ‘love’ and ‘hun’ into the messages. The clever lad said ‘they all want one’ and hilariously signed off ‘Kev just get one, the kids are crying’. Two hours later, mum-of-three Janine, 40, checked her phone and realised what had happened.

Kevyn had rang his wife on the morning of Sunday, November 6, mentioning that an eight-week-old puppy was available to rehome immediately.

The dental nurse wanted time to think about it, but while her back was turned, Noah got to work persuading his dad – pretending to be her.

Janine, from Newport, South Wales, explained: “I shouldn’t have said anything to Noah but I said ‘you won’t believe what Daddy’s just said, he’s asked if we want another puppy’.

“I wrote a message to Kev saying ‘Noah wants another dog’. Kev then asked what the kids thought.

“That’s when I go off – I was in the room, but was busy pottering around cleaning so just left the phone on the side.

“Noah’s then immediately gone onto my phone, he uses my phone quite a lot to play games and look at Instagram, and he’s obviously gone on WhatsApp.

“Noah grabbed it and continued the conversation, Kev really did think it was me.”

It was only two hours later that Janine checked her phone and realised what had happened – and confronted a smirking Noah.

Janine said: “I didn’t realise until 1pm that Noah had got hold of my phone and that we were getting a new dog.

“I said ‘Noah why have you been texting dad?’ He smirked and then said ‘I really do want the puppy though Mummy, please can we have her?’.

“I said to Kev ‘it was Noah, I’m not ready for this’. He just said ‘I really did think it was you and I’ve said we’ll have her now’.”

Little puppy Lulu came round the next day to meet 18-month-old cocker spaniel Jet, and now she’s a permanent member of the Ley family.

“Kev’s happy as Larry, he’s really excited, he thinks it’s funny and ‘it’s just Noah’. I reckon he’s plotting more for the future,” Janine said.

Janine, who is also mum to Ethan, 15, and Nellie, three, admitted that Noah got her impersonation “spot on” as she does say ‘hun’ a lot.

“When I read ‘Kev just get one, the kids are crying’ it sounds exactly like something a grown-up would say, not a nine-year-old,” she said.

“He’s a monkey. It’s naughty but he’s really funny.”

Kevyn was convinced that Noah was his wife and even gushed over all the kisses she was using.

“I was in work and the way he put it I thought ‘it’s her then’, he proper had me,” he said.

“He had a lot of kisses in his messages, I thought ‘oh my God she’s being nice to me for a change’.

“When I finally realised it was Noah, I probably swore. I just thought ‘he’s had me’. I said to Janine ‘I thought it was you, he’s proper done me there.

“To make sure I’m definitely talking to Janine in future I’m going to have to ring her first and say ‘is this you?’ or have a code word.”

It isn’t the first time Noah has tricked his dad pretending to be his mum – and it likely won’t be the last.

“We went away for a break at my mum’s caravan and I’d arranged for Kev to pick us up at around 12pm,” Janine said.

“Noah wanted to go home early so he texted ‘hey hun can you pick us up at 9am?’.

“Noah was absolutely thrilled he got his own – and his dad’s way.”

Proud Noah added: “I really wanted a dog and I went on Mum’s phone and wrote ‘hi hun’, it’s a phrase Mum uses.

“I was very pleased and excited when we got Lulu. I really love her, she gets on with Jet.

“I feel really happy and excited that she’s staying.”